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Monday, April 1, 2013

Vicim of Love The Shannon Mohr Story

The movie Victim of Love The Shannon Mohr Story is based on the murder of Shannon Mohr Davis. Her husband Dave Davis was convicted of her murder.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Murder Victim's Story

Facts in the case of Dave Davis
by Traciy Curry-Reyes

On July 23, 1980 Shannon died after going horseback riding. Her husband stated that she had fallen off of a horse while horseback riding. The family believed what Dave said at first. Her parents trusted Dave Davis completely. They felt that it was a marriage made in heaven and they were completely happy for Shannon. So when Dave said that Shannon had fallen off of the horse and hit her head, they believed him. They had begun to love David as their own. He was a very manly man and very intelligent. They had complete confidence that he would protect her from anything. Bob and Lucia had no idea what he was really like. After her death they started finding clues that indicated that Dave may have been involved and had gotten away with the perfect crime. When Shannon was pronounced dead, Dave insisted that her body be cremated. Her parent's objected to the cremation. They begged Dave to allow them to take her body back to Toledo. But, Dave insisted that it was what Shannon wanted. After speaking with Dave, somethings just did not add up. They became more suspicious of him. One night while when Lucia could not get to sleep, she remembered that Dave had once lied about having an insurance policy on Shannon. She remembered that Shannon had told her that Dave had indeed taken out the policy on her. Also 3 days later, at Shannon's funeral, Dave seemed as though he didn't care. After the funeral they started finding out that Dave was a liar. He had lied about being wounded in Vietnam. His own parents admitted that he had never been in the service. At that point, Shannon's mother, Lucia, knew that it was him. She felt that he had definitely murdered her daughter. So they began investigating, and they found out that Dave had been involved in various insurance scams including injuries, fires, and now murder. Bob and Lucia insisted that Shannon be exhumed. The medical examiner found that she did die from a fall, but that there was also an unknown drug found in her body. Several months later an article came out in the local newspaper exposing all of Dave's insurance scams. Shannon's death case was reopened, and Dave suddenly moved to Florida. The police knew after reading that article that he was most likely guilty of doing something to Shannon. They made it their mission to find out the name of the unknown drug that was found in her body. Upon digging into his background, the detectives learned that Dave was a dirt farmer, and they contacted veterinarians and asked them what drugs might affect the muscular system that could be used on an animal. One vet provided the detectives the name of a drug. When tested the drug matched the substance found in Shannon's body. On Oct 13, 1981, a warrant was issued for the arrest of Dave Davis. Detectives believe that Dave must have pushed Shannon off of the horse and then injected her with the tranquilizer. Afterward he must have hit her head against something so that her injuries would be consistent with a fall. The evidence suggested that Dave married her in order to kill her. After he disappeared his case was featured a few times on Unsolved Mysteries. Finally a viewer called in and stated that Dave was living in American Samoa. He was captured 9 days later by FBI agents. They found him with his 20 year old Samoan wife. He had told her that his first wife died in an accident. He was returned to Michigan to stand trial for murder. He was finally convicted of first degree murder and given a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Dave Davis remains in the Michigan State Department of Corrections.